About Us

Associated Transport was Established in 1990, to deliver an accessible community transport service that would cater for both individuals and groups, designed to help specific transport needs for a section of the community in the greater Dublin Area. The service is tailored to the needs of passengers with physical and or sensory disabilities offering pick-up and drop-off points that are more convenient that fixed public transport stopes. Group Travel is also available to Service Providers, HSE, Active Retirement groups, Community Groups. 

Our door-to-door service designed to meet the needs of passengers who find it difficult or impossible to access public transport. The service operates as a social enterprise, community transport is regarded as an effective, flexible small-scale solution for meeting the mobility needs of specific individuals and local groups. Community Transport connects older people or those with a disability to essential medical services, socially isolated people to essential services and facilities, local people with schools, libraries, shops, friends, clubs, and community events.